Welcome to the Ibadan Golf Club

High-quality championships, striking views, and outstanding service. That is what we offer members and visitors to Ibadan Golf Club… IGC is a community within a community, a capital within a capital. It’s our founder’s dream that we have sustained over the years. Welcome to our world.

Membership of the Club is open to all ‘witty” individuals, but of impeccable character that is not below the age of 18 years.

Club Captain Mr. Ola Ibironke, a.k.a Dudu Heritage - a legend has gone! 

We are sad to announce the passing on to the higher glory of the Vice Chairman, College Academy Contest Series, Mr. Ola Ibironke.  He died on Sunday 14th of September, 2021. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

Ibadan Golf Club celebrates its 30th Anniversary - July 2021

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