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“Golf is the loneliest sport. You’re completely alone with every conceivable opportunity to defeat yourself. Golf brings out your assets and liabilities as a person. The longer you play, the more certain you are that a man’s performance is the outward manifestation of who, in his heart, he really thinks he is.”
Hale Irwin

The need to erect a tractor gate by the Golf Section of Ibadan Recreation Club was a controversial issue in the club then. The bad situation worsened on Friday 19th January 1990, which was the arrival and practice day for golfers who would take part in the Tiger Open for the year 1990.
The tournament was also to serve as sent-forth tournament for the GOC 2 Mechanised Division Maj. Gen J N Dogonyaro (Rtd). On this day golfers were denied entry into the Golf Section of Ibadan Recreation Club.

The issue was resolved after the intervention of Air Vice Marshal W. Ozah. However the acrimony and intrigue continued because Ibadan Recreation Club refused to grant the golf section some level of autonomy. With the intervention of Headquarters 2 Division the owner of the land, some portion of the land which formed the golf course were retrieved from Ibadan Recreation Club. Consequent upon this development a group of twelve golfers met on 14 February 1990 and decided to establish an independent golf club. A kitty was organized to celebrate the May Day holiday on 1 May 1990. Thirty-nine golfers took part in the kitty.

The members present formally inaugurated Ibadan Golf Club as an independent private membership club. The main objective of these great men was “To establish an independent Golf Club, within Ibadan Municipality, to be composed of eminent persons drawn from the Business, Professional, Private and Public Communities, as well as the Armed Forces.

In character, the club will be expected to cut across racial, tribal, religious and political barriers, and will be devoted solely to the development and promotion of the game of Golf among member.
That was the beginning of what had become the number one elitist Club in Ibadan, indeed Oyo State, the Ibadan Golf Club, otherwise known as IGC.

If you are adventurous, with passion for sporting challenges, the historical city of Ibadan the Capital City of Oyo State, the home of Golf awaits you. 18 Holes and Hole 19 after your last Putting. Why stay at home, won’t you rather be golfing?

Welcome to Ibadan, the home of Golf and It’s tradition.

About Us